Building Update


WOW! What an outstanding day!
On March 25, 2022, Theatre Arlington reopened with a sold-out crowd to see Sister Act, the opening show of our 49th season, with our rotating stage and all.


We are getting so close! We can’t wait for March 25th!




February, 2022: The TA board of directors gets to take another quick peek! So many REAL walls!




December 2, 2021: TA Staff get a sneak peek at what’s been happening inside! So many exciting changes are taking place. We can’t wait to show it off in 2022!



Board of Directors’ SNEAK PEEK!

October 12, 2021: TA Board of Directors get a sneak peek at the inside! WOW! Doesn’t look like the same place.
Things are truly getting exciting at the corner of West & Main.


Demo has begun!

September 2, 2021: Theatre Arlington’s asbestos abatement has been completed and the demo inside has begun.



Drama unfolds at the corner of West and Main as renovations are set to begin

LBL Architects and RJM Contractors selected to lead our renovation project!

Theatre Arlington has carefully selected LBL Architects to bring our vision to life for our 56-year-old former lumberyard-turned-theater. LBL Architects, based in Arlington since 1965, provides a full range of architectural and engineering services to clients of all sizes, representing the latest advancements in architectural design. “As the oldest architectural firm in Arlington, we have worked with many of the mainstay organizations in the city and we are very appreciative to be working with Theatre Arlington,” said Tom McCarty, LBL vice-president. “They have tirelessly served our citizens for decades, and we are excited to help improve their facilities so they can continue to bring great live performances to the public and showcase the talented youth and professionals in our community.”

To oversee the largest renovation in our history, we have also selected RJM Contractors. Based in Fort Worth, RJM is a leading contractor in the region with more than 30 years of construction experience, known for their craftsmanship, project management and cost control measures. Kenny Buyers, vice president of RJM, said, “RJM Contractors is more than thrilled to have been selected to work alongside LBL Architects and Theatre Arlington for this renovation project. We are grateful for the opportunity to showcase our work in such a historic area of Arlington, and we are extremely excited to work with this team and have the vision of this renovation come to life. “

Executive Producer, Steven D. Morris, staff and the board of directors of Theatre Arlington are thrilled to start hearing the hammering, pounding and all the welcome noises associated with demolition and renovations. The performance venue, which was previously the Kier Lumberyard building, has served the theater well since 1991 but will not be able to support them as they move into the future as a Small Professional Theatre. But all that is about to change!

Our $3million renovation is expected to be complete by January, in time for us to welcome audiences back in February 2022 for our exciting 49th season. These much-needed improvements will extend far beyond the edges of our stage. The enhanced production quality and patron experience, combined with our targeted efforts to become a more diverse theater onstage and in the seats, will allow Theatre Arlington to shine even brighter as the heart of the city’s cultural district.