Donor List


The following individuals donated to our 2020 Annual Campaign. Thank you to everyone who donated to the campaign to help keep the magic of live theatre going strong in downtown Arlington!
For errors or omissions, please contact Cathy O’Neal at

George and Nesha Morey

                 Candlelite Inn                   
Katherine Davis
        Disney VoluntEARS/E. Scott              Arnold        
Mike and Becky Gerro
Buzz and Dot Hensel
Judy and Palmer Keith
Kara and Craig Lidell
Larry and PJ Lockwood
Jarrell and Berlene Millburn
        Network for Good / Peggy                             Goodwin                       
Courtney and Ricky Perez
Steve and Patricia Pierret
John and Sandra Reinhardt
Sargent Family Charitable Foundation
Peter Scott
Lynn Rossi Scott
Cliff C. Sharpless
Jean Traster

Felicia Abram
Warren and Donna Austin
Reba Blevins
Mark and Lori Craig
Dallas Morning News
Downtown Arlington Management Corporation
Charles Duke
   First Rate Bank / Teresa and
Terry Gaines
Brian and Nancy George
Peggy Goodwin
Gayle Krengel
Nancy and Dwain May
Michael and Sharon Kaye Miller
     Miss Persis Studio     
Zeno and Diana Pfau
Wally and Kathy Post
Dr. Aaron Reich and
Debra Freiheit Reich
Michael and Carol Ross
            TheatreOCU Class of             2017 
Dr. Richard & Mrs. Lori Urso
David and Julie Wende
Don and Jan Wharry
Kathryn Wilemon
Dr.  Robert and Brenda Woods

Barrie T. Alguire
Bank of America Matching Funds
Aminia Baruti
Elizabeth N. Blunt
Jennifer and Allan Boone
Dorothy Lynn Brooks
Roger Broom
Tom Cravens
Frank and Jacque Disher
Pam and David Cunningham
Robin, Tracy and Sidney Dotson
Micah Green
Nancy Hadaway
Andrew Heim
Eric Helsel
Rodney and Cindy Honeycutt
Connie and Bob Lorick
Willa Jo Mills
Ed Moore
Lynn Morgan
Network for Good
Nick and Earlene Pike
Rob Berg and Don Powers
John and Priscilla Promise
Sheri and Jim Quick
Jill and David Rawhouser
Judy and Brad Rupay
Mickey Scott
Truman and Glenda Thompson
Michael and Julie Thorne
Ron and Ann White
Toy Wooley


Janet and Jerry Aaronson
Julie S. Alexander
Cindy Baas
Pam and  Michael Black
Tom & Karen Bonjour
Phil and Christi Brown
Sydney Chambers
Anna and Justin Chapa
Carol Charette
Ron and Libby Choate
Sandy Clark
Leon and Cissy Conley
Sally Culver
Angela Dashfield
Kathryn Davis
Sissy Day
Amanda Dodd
Tracie Donaldson
Julie and Jim Douglas
Phyllis Dull
Betty Jo Everett
Parker Fitzgerald
Terre Flomer
Lannie Forbes
Philip and Missy Friend
Betty Gilmore
Raul and Kerry Gonzalez
David and Gerry Gray
Lester and Cathy Green
Dan and Aline Groves
Jack and Pam Hardaway
Cohnie and Tom Harris
Sarah anad Marcus Hawkins
Patricia and Reuben Heim
Kevin Johnson
Parris Jones
Janette Jordan
Junior League of Arlington
Scott and Donna Kimball
Diane Kinzlmaier
Jacque and Tom Lambiase
Shawn LeBlanc
Jay Isham and Linda Lee
Tarana Lizotte
Linda Magazzine
Maureen Moore
Craig and Michelle Moran
Roberta Morgan
Carol Morris
Ignacio and Lynda Nunez
Clyde and Nancy Ormston
Shirley Orr
Janice Pennington
Rodrick and Nanette Penson
Holly Potter-Harvey
Allen and Dawn Prejean
Judy and Bruce Ray
RoseAnn Reddick
James Reeder
Jill Regina
Will and Theresa Ross
Julie and Jay Ryan
DelRae and Tom Schickedanz
Helen Schrickel
Dan and Mary Singel
Georgia Smith
Ralph and Alice Sobel
Annita Spooner
Chaplain Rich & Reecia Stoglin
Diana Story
Kylie Reynolds Thornton
Larry and Sherry Trussell
Jack and Nancy Turner
Kim and Dave Turner
Robin Vaughn
Walter Virden III
Jack Watkins
James W Williams IV
Beth Wright

Rhonda Aghamalian
Jenna Anderson
Karri Atchley
Jasper and Lee Ann Ausec
David Berg
Mark and Michele Boillotat
Deborah Brown
Phillip Brown
Katie Carlson

John and Corina Cervantes
Christine Chambers
Robyn Chancelor
Eugene Chandler
Linda and Scott Church
Michael Clark
Jeanne Cochran
David Coffee
Gayle Collier
Nancy Conlon
Callie Cunningham
Rene’ and Michael Demaree
Nadia DiStefano
Jody Dosher
Pam Durall
Martin and Sue Durbec
Family of Tevin Cates
Cheryl Forde-Mente
Christine Fougerousse
Ruth Freiheit
Ruth Friedman
Curtis Fukuchi
Anna Gant
Jinny Garberson
Danielle Gines
Roz and Jack Glaze
Michael Green
Casey Greenwood
Bobbie Griffin
Carole Cole Hagler
Barbara Hallstein
Lyla Harper
Eliza Hatton
Holly Heid
Bobby W. Hodges
Bowie J. Hogg
Walter Sleeth & Jeff Holden
Tim and Michelle Hoover
Betsy Howerton
Marlene Hutchison
Sharon and Al Hydak
Candace Richter and Gordon Johnson
Ricki and Ethan Klos
Lois Leftwich
Irene Leichnam
Tim & Katie Long
Judy Magee
Beth Marshall
Martha Martin
Natalie McCalment
Mark Miller
Trinli Milliorn
Heather Moore
Diane Morris
Nancy and Paul Munger
Terri Nabozny
Lori Nolen
Shirley O’Connor
Barbara Odom-Wesley
Jane Oosterhuis
Mark and Becky Phillips
Cathy Pritchett
Michael and Claudia Pugh
Sharon Salih and Gary Randall
Bonnie Rea
Paul C. Renfro
Brenda and Dan Reynolds
Theresa and Doug Riggs
Rebecca Royal
Ouida Ruff
Debbie Russell
Sharon Salih
Pete Sanders
Amanda Sims
Kristin Sims
Judy Steffens
Janis Taaffe
Jan Taborsky
Donna L. Terry
The Bingo Hall
Sandy Thomlinson
Terry Timberlake
Tickets To The City
Jean Trimble
Constance Urbanek
Linda Valintinia
Lynne Varelans
Sammie Walker
Clinta Williams
Lori Woods
William and Faye Zahn
Trish Zaitoon

In Memory of Tevin Cates
– Nancy and Jack Turner
– Eliza Hatton
– The Bingo Hall
– Jack and Pam Hardaway
– TheatreOCU Class of 2017

In Memory of Ben Timberlake, Jr.
– Terry Timberlake

In Memory of Myrna Garrison
– Bobbie Griffin

In Memory of Melanie Goodwin
– Peggy Goodwin
– Melanie’s wonderful friends
and family – She was blessed with many!

In Memory of Anwar Z. Baruti
– Aminia Baruti

In Memory of Judge John M. Forbes
– Lannie Forbes

In Memory of Charlotte Owen
– Roz Glaze

In Memory of Sue Stevens Durbec
– Becky and Tommy Grimes
– Jack and Pam Hardaway
– Eliza Hatton
– Kara and Craig Lidell

In Honor of Steven D. Morris
– Theresa and Doug Riggs

In Honor of Persis Forster
– Jack Watkins
In Honor of Micah Green
– Mickey Scott

In Honor of Penny Patrick
– Kathryn Wilemon

In Honor of Sissy Day
– Kathryn Wilemon